Heavy in attack and light in health. Archers shore up the rear with ranged offense, piercing through unarmored units with their endless arrow showers.

CMD CostEdit

3 points


DPS (Single-target)


Spearman, Mage, Dancer


Cavalry, Catapult


Skill Description
Multishot LV 1 Shoots 1 more arrow dealing (ATK*20%) DMG when attacking.
Mage Powerful caster that excels at destroying armored troops.
Multishot LV 2

Shoots 2 more arrows dealing (ATK*20%) DMG when attacking.

Advance 10% chance to increase ATK SPD by 500% for 1s when attacking.


Awakening Description
Phantom Shot Shoots 5 arrows to damage enemies within 500 range in front for 50% ATK.

Misc. Edit

  1. When Fleurine awakens, all Archers also awaken; becoming a spiraling flurry that shoots 5 phantom arrows at enemies. When spinning in the air, Archers are immune to all DMG.
  2. Phantom's talent imbues Archers with additional Fire DMG.
  3. Some Legion Instance bosses and heavily-armoured giant bosses are immune to Archer arrows. It is recommended not to depend on Archers during such battles.