A haunted tower plagued by evil and corruption of past. Heroes fight their way up Demonion against those who would stand before them. An endless tower game mode where you ascend up Demonion in search of greater challenges and rewards.

Brave Cross - Battle up the Demonion (floor 1-5)

Brave Cross - Battle up the Demonion (floor 1-5)

Similar to the lair, you battle different enemies every floor. Unlike the lair, you face off against an army or a boss enemy and you can use your army in the fight. You can challenge each floor a few times a day until beaten. If you do not have any challenges you can reset the whole castle and start at level 1. You can sweep to the latest level at a cost of time (or instantly with gems).

You may increase your BP (by increasing health and attack) at a cost of either gold or gems. Gems provide a 100% guaranteed bonus while gold is only 50%.

There are boss enemies every 5th level and usually have a failure condition.