Hey Bravers, welcome to our basic guide for new players. This guide provides some tips in case you’re not already acquainted with Brave Cross! Hope it helps make your stay in Brave Cross more fun!


Be sure to use up all your AP recharges daily. Use your AP Pots regularly. Claim your 60 AP three times daily at 12:00PM, 6:00PM and 9:00PM PDT. This helps you level up more quickly, get stronger and experience more content.

If you’re worried about the lack of Gems, you can get them in various ways:

  • Getting your best Arena rank each time provides the most Gems.
  • Clear Heroic stages for the first time in PvE. Get your Gem rewards in the Goals tab.
  • Elite Eunuchs have a chance to spawn in “The Ten Eunuchs” in Campaign mode. Defeat them for Gem drops.
  • Login for the first 7 days.
  • Sign-in regularly for Gem rewards on certain days of the month.

Be sure to take part in the list of events that last for your first 7 days:


  • Login daily for Gems, AP Pots & get the hero Chevalier on your 7th day
  • Chevalier is fantastic for Crowd Control in PvP and his first talent lets his team rack up Rage more quickly for more frequent Awakenings.


  • Reach the required BP and player LV listed to get one of three heroes that will be at 4 Stars.
  • There aren’t many archers in Brave Cross at the moment, and Fleurine’s one of them that dishes out AoE damage in PvE.
  • Frostbow, as her namesake goes, has a chance to freeze enemies, and is deadly in PvP.
  • Peony’s a bit of a hybrid in the front. Her Awakening, Dazzling Beauty, and her main talent, Sympathy, are where she really shines:
  • Dazzling Beauty stops time and increases her team’s ATK SPD.
  • Sympathy allows her to share damage with a male hero ally, besides the main hero.


  • Accessed in the EVENTS icon, complete 3 Arena matches daily for Jewel rewards.


  • Complete 2 Heroic stages daily to claim 5 Savior Shards. Savior is a tank who can heal his team over time and reduce enemy damage.


  • Earn points by completing 7-day events to trade for Wings, Costumes and AP Pots.


Beginner's Guide

Advanced Guide [Coming Soon]