Instance Details Edit

In this mode, your whole legion battles against powerful monsters for a chance to gain items as rewards.

First, your legion officers must spend legion resources (2500 per boss) to unlock a legion chapter. The whole legion then take turns in attacking the monster. The monster will never regenerate HP and will stay until it is defeated or the legion officers reset it.

Each member of the legion can attack the monster 3 times a day except from 5:00 am to 8:00am PDT. Only one member may attack the monster at a time, if a member is attacking the monster, others will have to wait until the timer is done.

Each member gets 1 minute to pick their heroes and 2 minutes to battle the monster. Players may use their barracks army in attacking the monster.

Defeating the monster rewards the members with legion coins / personal resources. If beaten within a specific time, there are bonus resources as the reward. The rewards are distributed based on the highest damaging legion member in a single battle.

During specific times of the day, the monster drops items (such as wing upgraders and enhancers, scrolls and crafting materials). Legion members also may request a specific loot item when these drop and they will be auto assigned based on the queue. Officers may take one item manually. Unassigned items will be auto distributed in the legion.

Instance Chapters: Edit