Brave Cross - Mountain Bandit Campaign

Brave Cross - Mountain Bandit Campaign

Conniving but incredibly resilient bandits have absconded with the kingdom's gold. The bounty is out for all of the land's best sharpshooters to give him more than an arrow to the knee in order to beat out all the gold from the thieves before time runs out. The nation's rulers have declared that the kingdom's reserves are more than sufficient and hence, the reward is as much as one can rip out of the sacks the bandits carry.

Abilities Edit

  1. Run Forrest Run!: (Talent) the Gold Bandit runs for his life, easily outpacing your army's projectiles and forcing melee warriors to be in perpetual pursuit. His greed however, is his own undoing, as the heavy bag of gold wears him out after some time, resulting in him having to catch his breath.
  2. Undying: (Talent) the Gold Bandit's life has been perpetually hunted after. He has reached a point where he can never die, but can be damaged for loot.

Mission Objective Edit

Damage the Gold Bandit for as much damage as possible within the 120 second time limit. The gold generated is directly proportional the amount of damage done.

Availability Edit

2 attempts daily

Drops Edit


Recommended Heroes Edit

  • Noire Starseer Sohee X-MK III Soulgrip Frostbow

Tips and Strategies Edit

Archers arrows will usually miss if the bandit is running.

Use heroes with stun / slow abilities to be able to stop the bandit from moving - Frostbow's ice arrows works well.

Tanks are not needed for this stage, don't bring them.