Chapter 1: Thunderra Edit

The first legion monster you will battle against

Brave Cross Legion Instance Ch1 - Thunderra Gameplay

Brave Cross Legion Instance Ch1 - Thunderra Gameplay

Bonus time: defeat within 3 days to gain +200 personal resources (legion coin)

Monster Skills: Edit

Thunder TsunamiEdit

  • Deals 70% damage (estimated to be 1400) and 30 thunder damage to 8 targets

Lightning BallEdit

  • Summon 4 lightning balls that lasts 10s. When a hero uses a skill, the balls will nullify it (interrupt) and deal 150% (estimated to be 3800 damage should kill a level 35 upgraded Fleurine) attack damage and stun the hero for 4s.

No TrespassersEdit

  • Knocks back any unit that gets close within 200 range to the end of the screen and inflicts slow upon the unit for 8 seconds

Thunderbolt VeilEdit

  • Rage Attack: Creates a shield with 30k hp and if not destroyed by 8s, will deal 180% damage to all and paralyze for 4s. Tapping on the shield does 250 true damage.
    Thunderra Rage Attack - Thunderbolt Veil

Recommended Heroes: Edit

  • Terra
  • Sohee
  • Frostbow
  • Luna

Strategy: Edit

Avoid using hero skills when you see the four lightning balls as this will just be interrupted

Do not use melee heroes. They will just be pushed back.

Use archers and mages for maximum damage. You may want to summon some spearmen as shields against the lightning attacks.

Save your damage rage skills to use when the Thunderbolt Veil is active. This should give you a chance to break the shield if your level is not yet high enough. If your archers / mages are high level, they should be able to break the shield without using hero skills.