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Troops are mercenaries summoned during Mission and Instances that assist in battle. Each troop costs a certain amount of CMD that scales with the troop's usefulness.

Misc. Edit

  1. Lucence's Mythic Talent, Heroic Bearing, increases a player's max troop number from 20 to 30.
  2. Starseer provides unparalleled buffs to all troops, greatly increasing their DPS-potential and survivability.
  3. Luna's Superior Talent, Moonlight Formation, increases ATK of ranged troops by 30%.
  4. Frostbow's Awakening Skill, Departed Sentiment, causes Mages to perform a higher version of their Awakening Skill, calling forth burning orbs that deal persistent area of effect damage as they gradually roll through enemy lines.
  5. Certain heroes, when awakened (such as Fleurine or Phantom), either awaken troops of the same class or imbue their attacks with an element, thereby allowing troops to deal elemental DMG on top of their basic attack DMG.
  6. Fluer is the only hero whose awakening awakens a troop unavailable to players at the moment, the Dancer.